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Made in Italy – Italian Musical Heritage

1500 ore

Not only Italy was the cradle of worldwide renowned Italian artists who contributed to the Italian cultural heritage, but also represented the favourite destination for artists such as Mozart, Mendelssohn, Goethe and Stendhal. The study course of Italian Musical Heritage originated under such a perspective. The course offers modules aimed at acquiring adequate analytical skills and the cultural background, necessary for achieving a higher level in musicological research, provided by experienced lecturers in the sector. During the course, the following topics will be covered: Introducing Italia Opera Italian Music Outside Italy: Italian Composers at the Courts of Europe The “Grand Tour” as a cultural-musical reference: Italy’s Music Festivals Music Events Management Italian instrumental music between 19th and 20th century Italian jazz festivals Historical tour of the teatro San Carlo Classic Neapolitan song Italian instrumental music Italian sacred music Italian bel canto singing The Italian madrigalists and Claudio Monteverdi The Italian art of violin    

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